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Zugleich öffnet sich vor unseren Augen der weite Blick über den See bis zu den Bergen. Der Johanneshügel ist ein so genannter Drumlin – ein langgezogener, tropfenförmiger Hügelzug, eine Hinterlassenschaft des Gletschers aus Urzeiten. Der Weg auf seinem Rücken ist ein Drachenpfad.


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    Since Luis Suarez first told Liverpool he would like to leave for the greater glories of Arsenal (eight seasons without a trophy at the last count), he has had numerous opportunities to tell his manager Brendan Rodgers that perhaps he had been a little hasty. None were taken. The two faces of Luis Suarez… Can we believe anything the Liverpool striker says?

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    Frank Lampard has insisted he never intended to play for another Premier League club after Manchester City put him at the centre of an embarrassing row with New York City. Frank Lampard insists he never intended to play for another Premier League club… and he wouldn’t celebrate scoring at Chelsea even if they booed him for 90 minutes

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